Eat, Pray Self-Love Part IV

This new moon is ushering in a healing, restorative cycle. My best friend said she spent the previous two weekends planning for a successful 2018. “About to reap a good harvest,” I told her. I can say the same for myself. Since returning from Bali, my spirit needed some extra attention. The summer had been non-stop meetups and meet-and-greets, team meetings and pressing deadlines, finding new tribes and untried haunts. All the while, I was half-awake, continually moving, coming home at late hours only to rise early and start again. On the trip, my subconscious caught up with me in a really unsettling way. This was a clear sign to reset and reinforce my intentions.

The last three weeks have been emotionally and spiritually intense. I’ve had to relearn the importance of true surrender and fruitful stillness. Showing up to adult at work and on projects was becoming automatic. Showing up to work on myself was sliding out of view. The trip reminded me how vitally important working on myself needs to be.

This new moon calls me to manifest what I need and I sincerely wish the same for you. To manifest truth, forgiveness, clarity, strength, and perseverance. To manifest light, to educate, entertain and inspire. To always be clear about my intentions and purpose. To give selflessly where needed. To be a blessing to others. To see the grace in others and allow them to see the same within me. Most importantly to make way to receive love and light. May we all breathe beautifully to end this year and shine into 2018.

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