Reflections on March, Hopes for April

Apologies for the delay. Student essays and journals have shifted in various piles from the left of my desk to the right. Research papers on Greek gods and goddesses have nestled into a hutch on the left side along with create-your-own-magic-shop posters. Qing Ming Jie (Tomb-sweeping day) is nearly upon us. Suffice it to say that this April, I look forward to celebrating one more revolution around the sun, polishing my next diamond and doing some tomb sweeping of my own.

As the cherry blossoms of April bloom, it’s a perfect time to reflect on my March. My Blackest week in Shanghai kicked off with a dear friend’s birthday party at the swanky new Atelier, a stellar John Legend concert in the middle of things and the Shanghai Black Panther premiere party (replete with a tailor-made Ankara dress). Countless moments of Black excellence. Countless numbers of beautiful Black expats from the Diaspora. My heart runneth over!

In the spirit of Springtime renewal, may you shed the dregs and spring forth! May the bright sun increase your own light. May your grass stay green and growing. May your blossoms ever bloom!


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